May Days for Dogs
Your dog is your baby, your pal, your working companion and a whole lot of love and fun.  Once again this year in April and May you have an opportunity to capture your best friend in pictures and win prizes while helping A Labor of Love Dog Rescue continue its mission to provide a loving and safe temporary home for dogs until a quality forever home is found.

Thoughtful Images runs an event called May Days for Dogs. Kristine Lang, owner of Thoughtful Images, adopted the wonderful chihuahua Summer last year from A Labor of Love Dog Rescue.  After experiencing first-hand the quality of care and affection each dog receives while being fostered by A Labor of Love - and on limited funding and need for financial resources and supplies - Thoughtful Images decided to make their annual calendar into a contest to benefit A Labor of Love Dog Rescue. Winners were chosen by the public purchasing votes, and the calendars featuring the winning dogs from the contest were also sold as part of the benefit.

This year an extra dimension has been added - the Popular vote!  Everyone gets one vote to use for their very favorite dog.  Anyone can vote, but only once - which means one dog only gets your vote. So while we really encourage everyone to spend a dollar on a vote or two to help A Labor of Love, now you and your friends can also win the calendar cover & choice of month (along with other prizes), you can also get everyone else who can’t help the charity by spending a dollar on their vote to send in one click for popular vote.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause while doing  what I love - working professionally with animals to get amazing portraits owners can be proud of and cherish their furry friends forever.”
Thoughtful Images Photography
1525 Madison Avenue, Suite 2
Painesville, OH  44077
Many Thanks to All & Congratulations to Cody & Elsie - the 2010 first and second place winners!