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Frequently Asked Questions


Generally Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home using photographic backgrounds & lights (we bring the studio to the familiar comfort of your furbaby’s own home!).  We can also meet at a park or a place of special meaning to you. Or if you want to incorporate a little puppy clothes shopping, we can even hold your session at The Posh Pet Boutique on Center Street in Mentor during their off hours.



Not many are.  Fortunately, if you'd rather not have your home featured in your images, it won't be.  We bring a complete photographic set, including lights, backgrounds, and more. As long as there's electricity, we're good. (Basement, garage, living room ... anywhere will work!)


That's totally ok.  Most dogs won't stay put for more than a few seconds.  Believe it or not, most of the images we create are done on-leash.  The secret's in the editing.

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How do I get started?

Give us a call, send an email, or visit our Contact page to send a request.  

Or you can click here to set up your PrePortrait Design Consultation!

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How will I know what to do?

We'll have a PrePortrait Design Consultation, a fun chance to sit down together with your pet(s) and talk about what you're looking for from your images. We also go over what you might wear (we really encourage the humans to be in at least a couple shots with their best furry friends, even if it's just a gentle hand or your favorite boots), colors involved, locations, and more.  We can measure a space, and talk about places wall portraits or collections would work.  And you get to ask all the questions that didn't fit in the FAQs!

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How do I get to see my images?

We bring them to you.  You’ll be able to sit back in the comfort of your own living room and watch a slideshow of your images, then refer to a contact sheet and say, “Let’s look at #3,” and we will bring it up on a nice big monitor.  If you have an open HDMI port on your TV, you can even watch it on your big screen TV!  Or you can choose another location.


Can I have both indoor and outdoor?

Of course!  We can work at your house, or we can meet at a park that has a shelter with electricity.  Then you have lots of spots to choose from!

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Do you photograph people?

Although we are primarily companion animal experts, we encourage you to join the session too!  Documenting the relationship between you is a wonderful way to keep your furbabies with you forever.

Do you sell "digitals"?

With each wall portrait, or image in your storybook, that you purchase, you receive a free digital copy with a small logo in the bottom right corner ("paw-marked"). They're not for printing, but perfect for social media. You can share your babies to your heart's delight!

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How do I buy a Gift Card for a friend?

You can get an instant e-gift card by visiting our gift card page. To order a plastic gift card sent to someone (or yourself) in the mail, simply send us a quick email with the person, amount, and if it's for a special occasion.

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