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How It Works

Design Consultation

We are always delighted to meet clients in person for the first time! During our initial consultation, we will discuss portrait session ideas, locations, and the goals you’d like to accomplish during our time together.



 Your home is the best place to meet since that is where your images will be displayed. We can talk about where you’d like to place your images, the colors and style you’re interested in, and even go over what clothes to wear if you will be participating (which we highly recommend!).



 You can see examples of previous portrait sessions, our beautiful, archival-quality canvases, metal prints, and other display options. It’s also the best time for us to meet your furry family members, and get to know both you and them. This is when you make your initial selection of what type of end imagery you’d like, and make your session selection.  And remember that our imagery is guaranteed; if you aren't happy with any of the images, we will gladly re-do or refund your deposit.

 You can also show us any special spots or portions of your home you’d like to include, and we can talk about where to arrange the set. We bring a studio setup to your home to be able to create the absolute best images of your pals.


When they’re at home, they’re more relaxed, and the lights and backgrounds often aren’t as intimidating. Plus, you don’t have to load your pets for travel, worry about what to bring, or deal with traffic, and can relax while Fluffy and Rover are being the stars.


During your photo session, you can expect a fun, professional experience with us. As pet people, you understand it takes extra time and lots of patience to get that perfect shot. Don’t worry if “the kids” aren’t perfect - who is?

Our goal is to capture the essence of who you and your pets are, and we like to allow the animals to set the pace of the shoot. Since many (or most) of the images will be “off-lead,” choosing a safe environment is a top priority!


We’ll bring toys and treats (consulting you beforehand on any special dietary needs your pet may have) and work with you and your pet to get just the right expression.

At the end of all the hard work and planning comes the best part: seeing your beautiful images! We schedule a time for you to come to the studio to view your beautiful babies two to four weeks after your session.  We work with you to choose images that fit your interior decoration goals and make that perfect gift for a family member.


All images are hand-retouched and artistically enhanced, and are available in a variety of  archival print products from gallery-wrapped canvas to personalized note-cards to gorgeous coffee table books,  and more.