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Getting Ready

DIY Grooming

For those up for a bit of an adventure, grooming can be a fun, enjoyable way to interact with your pet.

  Brushing your pet thoroughly will remove mats and dead hair, and help the coat to shine. After a thorough brushing, use a quality pet shampoo (be sure to rinse really well!), then towel-dry the night before your Session to help your pet to look his absolute best the next day!


The day of the portrait session, we recommend brushing your pet again to smooth the hair and make it shine. For some dogs, leave-on conditioners can add a wonderful sheen. Make sure to take a damp towel and gently clean around your pet’s eyes to remove any “sleepy tears” that might have built up overnight.

With just a little bit of elbow grease, your pet can look incredible for photos! Please make sure to read all care instructions for grooming products to ensure your furbaby is happy, safe, and healthy.

Professional Grooming

For those who aren’t comfortable grooming their own pet (or just don’t have the time), a professional pet stylist is a wonderful way to get your pet looking absolutely incredible.

Groomers can work with you and your pet to create the look of your dreams! Professional groomers may also perform important maintenance for your beloved fur-pal, such as removal of hair from the ears or a nail trim, to keep your pet thriving. 

For the Humans...

    Hopefully you’re planning to be a part of the portrait session,too, and we’re excited!

Looking your best in order to feel your best is just as important for you as getting Fido prettied up.  Spend some time at a spa before your session, have your hair and nails done, get a massage.

Just remember this probably isn’t the time to change your waist-length hair to a pixie cut, or experiment with super dramatic makeup.  

Ask your stylist just to highlight your best features.

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