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Tails of the World: Volume 2

The Tails of the World: Volume 2 Book is now available!

The hardcover is available to the US market right now, and softcover and international markets will follow soon.

More than 765 dogs, 74 photographers, from 14 countries raised more than $65,000 for animal charities around the world so far!

All proceeds from the sale of the Tails of the World books will also go directly to Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Order your copy today!

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More than 14 countries represented

Professional photographers from more than 14 different countries participated. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, India, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, and many states from the USA all have their own unique scenery presented.


Excellent Construction

Every book is sturdily crafted to last through many viewings.

LakeCountyOH 3in_edited.jpg

Thoughtful Images

Check out the 11 dogs Thoughtful Images photographed for the book!  Springtime light and color highlight the beauty of our own Lake County, Ohio.


Beautiful interior pages

Beautiful interior images highlight each region's dramatic, happy, or otherwise unique looks.


Good for your heart

Display your copy prominently to show your loyalty to dogs and animals charities in general. Did you know that just looking at dogs can improve your well being? Any time you need to chill, just flip open your copy and relax with the happy pups in gorgeous locations.


The words say it all

For us animal lovers, this statement is proven over and over again every day. Our own pets make us happier, and just looking at others can boost our well being.

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