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Tails of the World 2024

Limited Edition Portrait Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it about?

A: Tails of the World™ is a collaborative book project from pet photographers around the globe. We are united in our mission to make a difference for animals in need.  To date, our annual books have raised over $95,000 and featured over 1150 dogs.


Q: Who is this year’s charity?

A: Your entire session donation will go to One Health Organization. One Health’s mission is to nurture healthy bonds between people and their pets by keeping the dogs and cats of Northeast Ohio healthy with their humans at home, and help struggling pet parents with vet bills.


Q: Where will my pets be photographed?

A: Lake County, Ohio. On certain days in June, we will have spots open for Tails of the World Limited Edition sessions.  When you book a date, you can suggest where you’d like to have your dog photographed, and we will assist you in deciding the best spot.  It must be outdoors, and it must be in Lake County.  And imagery that is reflective of our area is important too.


Q: When is it?

A: In June.  We have opened up several dates for people to choose from:

Tuesdays: June 11, 18.   Thursdays: June 13, 20, 27

Saturdays: June 8, 22, 29.   Sunday: June 30


Q: Who can participate?

A: Dogs! And if you have a pet who can walk on a leash and is comfortable being photographed outdoors, they are welcome too.  We’d also encourage you to be in a few that are not for the book, but for your own memories.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each one of the ten Limited Edition sessions is $69, and the entire amount goes to One Health Organization, and is fully tax-deductible. Wall art, albums, and other items are not included, but will be available.


Q: Do I have to pre-register?

A: Yes.  Each session is about 30 minutes to an hour long, and we’ll need to know how to plan.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Go to to learn more and register for your Limited Edition session for your pet’s portrait to appear in the 2024 Tails of the World international photo coffee table book.

Q: Is there a deadline?

A: You can sign up until June 30, but since there are only 10 Limited Edition sessions guaranteed to be in the book, the sooner you register, the more likely that you’ll be able to reserve a spot.



Q: What’s inside the book?

A: Each photographer has three spreads (six pages), with up to 10 images and a short accompanying location guide. 100% of the proceeds from the book sales will benefit GAWS, Geelong Animal Welfare Society.  They care for and rehome lost or relinquished pets and provide community education & services that enable responsible animal ownership. 


Q: When and where can we order the book?

A: The book will be available to order online with worldwide shipping on December 1st 2024.


Q: Who chooses the images that appear in the book?

A: Each photographer sends more than one image, and the team that puts the final book together chooses which images are used.


Q: Is my dog guaranteed to be in the book?

A: Yes. Each photographer participating from around the world will have a maximum of 10 images in the book. That's why the event is limited to ten sessions! Your adorable doggo will be seen around the world.


Q: Can I still order the 2023 book?

A: Of course! It’s currently available in hardcover or paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Tails of the World website.  You can find links to all of them at


Q: Which charity will receive the proceeds from the book?

A: GAWS – Geelong Animal Welfare Society in Victoria, Australia (   The founder of Tails of the World is from that area.  GAWS is dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. They care for and rehome lost or relinquished pets and provide community education & services that enable responsible animal ownership.



Q: Can more than one pet be in the images?

A: Yes indeed!  More than four would be straining a bit, but up to that many can share the frame.


Q: I have participated in Tails of the World before – can I do it again?

A: You can join the Wait List, and if someone is unable to participate this year, you will be called in order of the query.  Don’t worry, if we need to photograph in July, arrangements can be made.  We want to ensure that more pups are given the opportunity to shine on the international stage.


Q: What if it rains?

A: There’s a good chance that we can still get some great images, but if it seems like a better choice, you can reschedule. 


Q: What if the spots fill up before I can sign up?

A: We have a Wait List – sometimes people aren’t able to participate at the last minute.  We’ll contact you in order of inquiry.


Q: Can I reserve more than one Limited Edition session?

A: Not this year, unless you are reserving it for someone else. All your pets are welcome to participate, and can appear in one image in the book, but we want to ensure that more pups are given the opportunity to shine on the international stage. If spots open up, we will submit your best pals’ images separately instead of as a group.


Q: Do I have to make funny noises?

A: Nope - you’re off the hook.  All the silly noises and funny behaviors come from the photographer.  In fact, every noise and move you make will draw your dog’s attention to you and away from the camera.  Although sometimes that can result in a special image too!

Q: Who can come to the session?

A: Everyone who is part of your household (furry or not) is welcome to participate in our session. In the interest of minimizing distractions, however, it's best to just bring those who will be participating. Note that the images in the book will be of your pets only.

Q: My dog doesn’t know sit or stay.  Is that a problem?

A: Not at all! And rest assured, we have a deep well of unique sounds and

other tricks to grab their attention—even if it’s just for that split second capture.

Q: My dog can’t be off leash. Can I still do a session?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Believe it or not, most of the dogs we photograph are on leash – even indoors. Leashes not only keep your best pal safe, they also help keep them in place. Thanks to the wizardry of Photoshop, leashes will be removed from most final images.

Q: What about harnesses or head halters – can those be edited out?

A: Photoshop (or this user at least) does have its limitations. Bulky harnesses hide so much of the dog’s chest that it’s very challenging to accurately paint in what’s missing in post-production. They can also leave odd shadows or pull on the dog’s skin, creating another challenge to digitally remove. If your dog normally wears one of these for walks, use the harness while you're going from one spot to another,  but also bring a flat (buckle) collar to use for the actual shoot. 

Q: Can I be in the images, too?

A: For the images that are eligible for the book, they're looking for just the pups.  But if you'd like something for yourself, then of course! Documenting the wonderful connection between you and your dog is an important part of your images. While we can certainly capture a traditional portrait of you both smiling at the camera, the candid images of the moments you share are special too. If you’re especially camera shy, creative images that you only partially appear in (over the shoulder, just the legs/feet, your hand or hands) can also tell the story of your relationship. 

​Q: Do you sell digital files?

A: You receive a free “pawmarked” digital image of each image you purchased as wall art, in a book, or other medium. But we preserve the integrity of our artwork by retaining full copyright.

Q: So what happens after my session?

A: About two-three weeks after your wonderful session, we’ll send you an email letting you know that your images are ready to view and make choices from. Generally we bring your images to you at home. If you'd like to meet somewhere else, please let us know.

​Q: How do I get my final artwork?

A: About 2 weeks to 3 months after your View & Choose meeting (depending on what you select), we will hand-deliver your order to you, ready to install or display on your coffee table, mantel, or desk.  You will also receive your little ‘pawmarked’ digis for social media of each item you’ve purchased. 

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