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Special Programs

chocolate pup

Puppy's First Year Program

also for kittens, colts, and others!

Document your new baby’s first, most wildly changing year. 

Remember those tiny puppy kisses, over-sized paws, big sloppy slurp attacks, and sprawled out happy exhaustion.

Kittens too - tiny kitten “sniffy” kisses, wild curtain-climbing fits, and smug, confident pride.

Even those leggy little foals, fuzzy tails spinning as they nurse, falling over their own knees and elbows, making silly faces as they encounter each new thing.

All baby animals are welcome!

Our adorable little pals change a lot in the first year, much like their human counterparts.  Have a record that does double-duty as a reminder of their sweet baby times, as well as makes poignant, one of a kind wall art for your home and office.

The First Year Collections offer the most, and will provide great satisfaction for many years to come.

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Referral Program

Because we appreciate you!

We love our photographic family!


To thank you for being so awesome, we’d like to offer you a little extra something for the equally amazing folks you recommend to us.


For every person you refer who becomes a client with a minimum $250 order, both you and the person you referred will receive a $50 TI gift card on any purchase from your existing or future session!


Send all your best pet-loving friends. It’s the perfect way to get that extra piece you wanted for the skinny space next to the door, and for your friends to get beautiful wall art to keep their best furry friends with them forever. 


We can’t wait to meet them!

pensive pup.png

Senior Distinction 

for the more mature pet

The Senior Distinction Program is especially for older pets who need a little extra TLC.  Maybe a few extra minutes to get to their feet, a helping hand when lying down, or an extra soft cushion to pose on.

We take the time to let Buster pose in a way that's most comfortable, and never try to force him into positions that put too much pressure on older joints or are too challenging to get into (or out of).  Outdoor Sessions are held nearby so there will be a minimum of walking, and photographic backgrounds will always be fabric, or covered in some way to give him some traction.

Just because he's not in his prime doesn't mean he isn't photogenic - he has character now!  Although he may have a few bumps and bare spots, they can be minimuized or removed in post-production.  

Keep the memory of your best furry pal with you forever.

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To order gift cards, click this link.

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