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Peneolope in Paris sm.jpg

My dog doesn’t know sit or stay. Is that a problem?

Not at all! They can be on leash, and the leash (and collar if you like) will magically disappear from the final images!  And rest assured, we have a deep well of unique sounds and other tricks to grab their attention—even if it’s just for that split second capture. 

How do I get my final artwork?

Your order will be at the Posh Pet Boutique for you to pick up at your convenience about two weeks after your session.

Can I be in the images, too?

For A Night in Paris, it might be a little challenging, only because the set is sized down so much.  You might look like a giant benignly posing by La Tour Eiffel.  You’re welcome to participate if you like, though!

Do I have to make funny noises?

Nope - you’re off the hook.  All the silly noises and funny behaviors come from the photographer.  In fact, every noise and move you make will draw your dog’s attention away from the camera.  So we might ask you to stand just behind the photographer, but you won’t have to squeak, bark, meow, or otherwise.

Who can come to the session?

Up to 3 dogs or cats are welcome to participate in one session.

So what happens after my Session? 

The artists at Thoughtful Images will choose the best shots from your session to be made into your delightful little prints or Triplex.  You needn’t worry about a thing.  Leashes are removed, blemishes disappear, and your pets are magically made into their most adorable selves. 

What if I live farther away?

If you’re making a special trip to The Posh Pet, you can choose to add shipping to your order for an additional fee.  

Do I only get one image repeated?

Nope - if you bought a ticket for the Petit session, you’ll get 2 different pictures. The Moyen will have 3 separate images. If you ordered the Grand, you’ll have 3 separate images in your Triplex plus 2 additional different images for your separate 5x7 prints for a total of 5 separate images from your session. And bonus - you’ll also get a “pawmarked” little digital image of each for you to use on social media!

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