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Note that these are event prices only, and are only available in conjunction with special events like The Posh Pet Boutique's special fashion shows.  Actual order fulfillment is handled by an outside company.  If you have any trouble, please let us know.

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To Order Collections

  • When you reach the Gallery, click on the "Shop" icon in the top right corner.

  • You can also order individual prints from here by clicking on "Photo Prints."

  • To view the Collections, scroll down and click on the Collection you'd like.

  • You'll be taken to a "Package" page where you can choose which images you'd like.

  • Click on a plus.

  • Click on the empty grey square that will open on the left.

  • Choose the image you'd like.

  • Crop or rotate if need be.

  • Click "Add to Package".

  • Repeat until your spots are full.

  • Click Add to Cart and follow the directions from there.

To Order Individual Images

  • Click on an image.

  • Click "Favorite", "Order", or "Share" beneath the portrait.

  • When you click "Order," a large sidebar will come up on the left - click on that image (or portion of an image)  A new sidebar will appear.

  • Underneath the photo on the left is a size.  Click the dropdown to choose which size you'd like.

  • On the right, choose whether you'd like a Glossy photo (very shiny) or Lustre (not quite a flat matte, but has nice depth - this is recommended).

  • Choose how many copies you'd like.

  • Click Add to Cart and follow the directions from there.