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Quizlettes & Answers

Here are the answers to our monthly newsletter quizlettes. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to get your own copy each month!

June 2020

Wondering what foods are or are not ok for your dog to eat?  Here are a few for practice (data from

1. Eggs

2. Apples

3. Cheese

4. Avocados

5. Onions

6. Grapes


1-3 Yes in moderation

4-6 No, don’t risk it.


April 2020

Match the famous fictional animals to their descriptions.

1. Lassie

2. Rin Tin Tin


3. Black Beauty


4. Eddy


5. Morris


6. Garfield


7. Mr. Ed

1. g  Lassie, the beautiful collie, was forever having to rescue people on her TV show (her boy apparently was very accident-prone).

2. c "Rinty" was an actual dog, rescued from a World War I battlefield by an American soldier who found movie work for him.

3. b Black Beauty was originally a book by Anna Sewell published in 1877. Written from a horse's perspective, it showed many of the daily cruelties animals had to deal with at the time. Black Beauty reappears on the big and small screens to this day.

4. e  Played by Moose and his son Enzo, Eddie the Jack Russel Terrier needed no words to steal the scene in his long-running show, Frasier. (Ok, maybe there were humans in it too, but we think the show was really about Eddie.)

5. d  Various cats have posed as Morris over the years, but they are all large, yellow/orange tabby cats with a mellow, self-confident (verging on smug) attitude.

6. a  Garfield was created by Jim Davis in 1978, and was portrayed as an overweight, cynical orange cat who reallly liked lasagna. (And who could blame him, really?)

7. f  A horse is a horse of course of course....

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