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Create beautiful autumn memories with your best furry friends.  Session fees will be donated in their entirety to Silver Fur K9 Rescue & Retirement.  Come enjoy a little time with the fall color and your furbabies, help out a great charity, get a tax deduction, and make some lasting memories!

Ever wonder how to help the senior dogs who may not be as cute or as readily adoptable as the adorable puppies filling shelters?  Look up Silver Fur K9 Rescue & Retirement.  On a 38 acre farm in Austinburg, senior dogs are able to live safely and comfortably.  They receive excellent care, veterinary repairs, and lots of snuggles.

Like everything else in life though, it comes at a cost.  This year, we'd like to help raise funds for the seniors at Silver Fur.

Want to learn more about how they work or how you can help?  Visit them on Facebook, or call 440.334.0721.

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