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2024: The Year of Cozy 

Cute chi-minpin curled up being cozy
Zeke the chihuahua min-pin curled up being cozy

Welcome to 2024!  How about we make it cozy? 

Cozy in the way that a warm, comfy sweater is. It wraps you up and keeps you warm while still being practical enough to shrug off mud spatters and exuberant pawprints.   

Cozy like coming into a warm apple-scented kitchen, ready to roll up your sleeves and bake something delicious.

Cozy like curling up with your best furry friend and actually relaxing for a few minutes.   

Doesn’t that sound good? 

So in the spirit of cozy, let’s look for the coziness around us this year.  Sometimes it’s easiest in the winter – warm cocoa by a crackling fire, a fluffy throw across your legs, a good book you already know has a happy ending, and the dogs snoring nearby while snow and sleet patter the windows. 

But it can also be that tall glass of iced tea with the condensation beading up on the outside while you stretch out in the shade on a warm July day, the heat easing into your muscles and softening your joints while the dogs chase each other in happy circles. 

It can even be that quiet moment when you lie down to sleep and think how grateful you are to have a safe place to rest, and pat the dog in their usual spot by your legs. 

So let’s look for it all year. 

What’s your favorite cozy? 



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