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Common Concern: What should I wear?

We all wonder what to wear on a daily basis. Different situations call for different types of outfits. There are a few basic guidelines, but as with all “rules,” they’re all made to broken – if it’s done right.

Essentially, wear solid color clothing that you’re comfortable in.

Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t wear slick soles or high heels outdoors. (Exceptions: Urban environment. Making a statement. You ALWAYS wear heels. You forgot.)

Wear comfortable, well fitting clothing, rather than super-tight or barely-there options. (Exceptions: You’re a dancer / equestrian / swimming with your dog. You’re doing a series for your home or gallery. You ALWAYS wear short shorts.)

Wear layers. A jacket over a button-up over a solid-color tee or turtle means you can be comfortable whatever the weather, and look good while you’re at it. Add a scarf when it’s cold with a complementary one for Puppers and you’re golden! Even when it’s ridiculously hot out, throw a gauzy topper over a tank to look and feel cool. (Exceptions: you’re shooting in a temperature controlled environment and need a particular look. You’re a fashionista/o. You ALWAYS wear only a tee shirt.)

Wear a color that is in similar or complementary shades with your dog. Golden retrievers look great against your dark blue/brown/forest green sweater, or pale gold top. Everyone looks good with jeans. Do not worry about “blending in” to each other. Properly lit, you won’t. And sometimes it’s the whole point. (Exceptions: You’re doing a fashion shoot. You participate in extreme grooming. You ALWAYS wear traffic cone orange head to toe. Totally cool if you do – just mention it beforehand.)

Wear colors that work with rather than fight the background. For example, don't wear screaming neon or vivid pink in front of fall colors. If your dog is mostly black, don’t wear white. Do not wear clothing with words or faces. (Exceptions: You’re promoting something and want the emphasis to be on that and not on you or your pets. You’re making a statement and want the emphasis on that. You ALWAYS … you know what, no. IF you want the emphasis to be on your animals and/or yourself, do not wear clothing with faces or words. Want to make an exception? Please give your photographer a heads-up in advance.)

In essence, wear something that makes you feel great, looks good with your pets’ fur and your skin tone, and doesn’t have competing messages that would distract from the most important faces in the images – you and your best furry friends!


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